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Anyone who has had the pleasure of spending their holidays in San Gimignano or simply visiting it will surely have noticed the rolling hills that surround it. It is on one of these hills, almost touching the imposing Towers, that the Torre Prima farm is located.

As the Tuscan tradition dictates, Torre Prima also preserves a mysterious history and it is not easy to establish its true age. The farm appears to be already present in 1823, the year in which the first cadastral register was established; some sources also mention the presence of Duke Amedeo d'Aosta at Torre Prima around 1867. It is said that he loved to spend many of his free hours there, devoting himself to hunting. Surrounded by olive groves, vineyards, centuries-old oaks and junipers, the hunting lodge still maintains the charm of past times.

The Pollina family, who emigrated from Sicily, bought the cottage and part of its lands in 1970. Investing time and effort, as well as facing hard sacrifices, they renovate the old animal stables and sheds; in the following years they managed to expand the property, until in 1996 the Torre Prima farm evolved into a splendid farmhouse in the heart of Chianti.


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