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Events in Tuscany

By booking a holiday at Torre Prima Holidays in San Gimignano (Siena), you can participate in the most important events; interesting in Tuscany between Siena and Florence, and not only.

SIENA - Palio - 2 July (preceded by 2 days of rehearsals). Since 1147 a race of jockeys and horses from the various districts of the city; it runs in Piazza del Campo.

SIENA - Palio - August 16 (preceded by 3 days of rehearsals). Since 1147 a race of jockeys and horses from the various districts of the city; it runs in Piazza del Campo.

POGGIBONSI [Siena] - Feast of the patron saint San Lucchese with fireworks - April 28th. San Lucchese met San Francesco d'Assisi and decided to live like him. Thus he became blessed and now his body rests in the Basilica that bears his name; for the day of his feast he is carried in procession. Stand with typical products.

CASOLE D’ELSA [Siena] - Palio - Second Sunday in July. More than a century old horse and jockey race with festivities.

POGGIBONSI [Siena] - Cantine Aperte - Last Sunday in May. The wine producers open the cellars to the public.

MONTEPULCIANO [Siena] - Bravio delle botti - Last Sunday in August. Historical parade in fourteenth-century costumes animated by a singular battle.

MONTALCINO [Siena] - Sagra del Tordo - Last Sunday in October. It recalls the rides and tournaments organized at the end of the hunting season. Dishes based on game and local wine, dances and songs in nineteenth-century costumes.

PIENZA [Siena] - Pecorino cheese fair - First Sunday of September. The "capital" of pecorino cheese is dressed in the scents and colors of traditional cheese.

SAN GIMIGNANO [Siena] - Harvest Holidays - 19-20-21 June. Historical re-enactment in the streets and squares with medieval stands, costumed processions and a knightly tournament called "Giostra dei Bastoni".

SAN GIMIGNANO [Siena] - Concerts of classical music and operas. The Accademia dei Leggieri, an ancient theatrical association founded in the 16th century, organizes classical music concerts throughout the summer.

SAN GIMIGNANO [Siena] - Thanksgiving Day - First Monday of August.

SAN GIMIGNANO [Siena] - Santa Fina Fair - First Sunday in August.

SAN GIMIGNANO [Siena] - Religious Festival - August 28th.

SAN GIMIGNANO [Siena] - Feast of Sant'Agostino, Fiera - August 29th.

MONTERIGGIONI [Siena] - Medieval Festival - First and second weekend of July. Representation within the walls of scenes of medieval life with stalls, shops inspired by ancient crafts, theater performances, storytellers and musicians.

MONTERIGGIONI [Siena] - Autumn Festival - First Saturday and first Sunday of October. Festival in honor of the grape harvest.

COLLE VAL D’ELSA [Siena] - Sagra della Miseria - From the second Saturday to the third Sunday of June. Very tasty food festival to discover the less refined but more typical dishes of the area.

COLLE VAL D’ELSA [Siena] - Crystal Exhibition - Mid September. The village is transformed into an open-air factory with expert craftsmen struggling with the processing of crystal; display and sale of crystal objects.     


FLORENCE - Explosion of the cart - Easter Sunday morning. The cart is transported by white oxen to the Duomo; here it is joined with an iron wire to the High Altar of the Cathedral. Along the wire walks a dove carrying an olive branch in its beak, which must slide towards the wagon with the lit fuse to ignite. If everything goes smoothly, Florence promises to be a positive year.

CERTALDO ALTO [Florence] - Mercantia - The entire third week of July. Show in the medieval village animated by jugglers, clowns, puppeteers, equilibrists, magicians and musicians from all over and craftsmen who work live.

CERTALDO ALTO [Florence] - Boccaccesca - Second week of October

MONTAIONE [Florence] - Chestnut and Truffle Festival - Last weekend of October. The event is celebrated in the park of Villa Serena where you can taste various gastronomic specialties and also buy typical products. Numerous shows and entertainments take place as a side dish to the festival.

GREVE IN CHIANTI [Florence] - Chianti Classico Wine Market Exhibition - Second weekend of September. It is held in the beautiful square of Greve, with wine and typical products of one of the most famous wine areas in the world.

GREVE IN CHIANTI [Florence] - Feast of the good season - April 25th. The festival takes place on April 25 between memories and hopes; evokes a popular uprising of the sixteenth century with a parade of costumed characters. There are numerous stands where you can taste excellent Chianti dishes.

MONTESPERTOLI [Florence] - 53rd Chianti Exhibition - From 23 to 31 May. Exhibition entirely dedicated to wine, which in the continuity of tradition and through the events connected to it wants to reaffirm the deep bond with the Tuscan territory.

PISA - Feast of San Ranieri, patron saint of Pisa, Luminaria - June 16-17. Pisa is illuminated by lights that adorn the facades of buildings, churches, towers.

PISA - Gioco del Ponte - Last Sunday in June. Historical-re-evocative event dating back to classical antiquity which is divided into two phases: the Historical Parade on the Lungarni (a sort of imposing military parade) and the battle set on the Ponte di Mezzo.

MASSA MARITTIMA [Grosseto] - Balestro del Girifalco - Fourth Sunday in May. Medieval show in honor of San Bernardino to commemorate the art of the crossbow, with a parade and historic tournament.

MASSA MARITTIMA [Grosseto] - Balestro del Girifalco - Second Sunday in August. Folklore event with an impressive historical tournament and impressive exhibition of flag-wavers; archers dressed in medieval costume must hit a target 36 meters away.

AREZZO - Giostra del Saracino - Third Saturday of June. Ancient chivalrous and spectacular game, with an impressive historical procession.

AREZZO - Giostra del Saracino - First Sunday of September. Ancient chivalrous and spectacular game, with an impressive historical procession.

CORTONA [Arezzo] - Steak Festival - 14-15 August. Outdoor grill where Florentine steaks (Chianina meat), sausages, ribs are prepared on a 14-meter grill. Gastronomic products of Arezzo agriculture.

Siena - THE COLLECTOR'S CORNER, every 3rd Sunday of the month, Piazza del Mercato.

Montepulciano - FAIR OF ARTS AND CRAFTSMANSHIP, every 2nd weekend of the month, Piazza Grande.

Firenze - MARKET OF CRAFTS AND SMALL ANTIQUES: every 2nd Sunday of the month, Piazza Santo Spirito.

Firenze - ANTIQUARIA FORTRESS: every 3rd weekend of the month, Fortezza da Basso.

Certaldo (FI) - ANTIQUES MARKET, every 3rd Sunday of the month.

Arezzo - ANTIQUARIA FAIR: every 1st weekend of the month, Piazza Grande, Centro Storico.

Lucca - ANTIQUARIO MARKET, every 3rd weekend of the month, Piazze Antelminelli, San Giusto and San Giovanni.


Monday : San Casciano Val di Pesa.

Tuesday : Poggibonsi, Firenze.

Wednesday : Siena, Certaldo.

Thursday : San Gimignano.

Friday : Colle Val D’Elsa, Pienza.

Saturday: Greve in Chianti, Volterra, Castelfiorentino.


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