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Torre Prima is a family business; in addition to farm management, the main activities concern the olive harvest and the grape harvest.

In the early seventies, the Pollina family bought the cottage in San Gimignano, and begins to take its first steps in the area: they are very difficult years, because campaigns are mostly abandoned to go in search of a more comfortable life in the city. The Pollina not give up and decide to go down this road to the end, convinced that the land can continue to offer them only the best of its products.

Currently the production of oil and wine is an important part of the company's activities: there are things to which Tuscany is deeply connected and one of them is definitely the extra virgin olive oil, a very valuable asset to which they are dedicated many work hours.

In the Tuscan food and wine culture it is essential seasoning the dishes with good extra virgin olive oil, the most extraordinary flavor of the taste of foods; Torre Prima produces it with natural methods, directly from the basic raw material and without the need for complex machining.

Our Oil

A long process is needed to produce an excellent oil that requires passion, commitment, sacrifice, as well as an effective technique. We must always keep in mind the complexity of the entire production cycle of the plant and the olive; Oil quality depends on the type of crushing and extraction (two important stages), but also by the care work of the plant in the most sensitive periods of the year.

The extra virgin olive of Torre Prima farmhouse is done with four different varieties of olives and is definitely one of the best in Tuscany; its taste goes well with the typical bruschetta and other regional dishes that you can taste choosing to spend a holiday in Chianti.


Our Wine

The farm Torre Prima also has vines cultivated mainly with Sangiovese, from which is produced the prized Chianti, but also with the famous Vernaccia di San Gimignano, from which instead draws a white wine with a dry taste.

With the harvest we leave summer behind: Autumn brings the harvest before the Vernaccia of Sangiovese and then until the middle of October, ending with the olive harvest in November.



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